We are a bankruptcy law firm, not a bankruptcy factory. With multiple convenient locations, we are able to offer one-on-one consultation with an accomplished attorney and personal attention in each and every case, from a Chapter 7 to a Chapter 13. Our bankruptcy attorneys are offering bankruptcy services in Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, Bibb, Green, Tuscaloosa, Walker, and other counties in Alabama.

Bankruptcy is sometimes the only way to escape the burden of your debts.  It can stop debt collectors, foreclosures, repossessions, garnishments, and lawsuits. Bankruptcy can be the solution and help you get a fresh start.

A fundamental goal of the federal bankruptcy laws enacted by Congress is to give debtors a financial “fresh start” from burdensome debts. The Supreme Court made this point about the purpose of the bankruptcy law in a 1934 decision:

[I]t gives to the honest but unfortunate debtor…a new opportunity in life and a clear field for future effort, unhampered by the pressure and discouragement of preexisting debt.

Local Loan Co. v. Hunt, 292 U.S. 234, 244 (1934).

Bankruptcy Discharge Violations
Has a collection agency or a collection law firm continued to contact you and demand payment on your debts that were discharged in bankruptcy? Filing bankruptcy protects you from such collection attempts by collection agencies and collection law firms. If your rights were violated they may owe you money. If so contact us immediately!

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Many debt collectors do not comply with the strict laws that govern the way they conduct collection activities. We sue debt collectors that engage in harassing, threatening or abusive behavior. We would be glad to discuss your situation and review any collection letters you may have received.

· Are you receiving harassing, abusive, or threatening phone calls or letters?
· Did a debt collector advise you that this communication is from a debt collector?
· Did a debt collector leave you a voice message that someone besides you overheard?
· Have your friends or employer received phone calls or letters about your debt?
· Does a debt you disputed or settled still appear on your credit report?

Credit Reporting Issues
Debt collectors often place the accounts they are trying to collect on your credit report. This hurts your credit score and may prevent you from obtaining a loan or getting credit. Debt collectors frequently place inaccurate information on credit reports. Placing inaccurate information on your credit report is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We can help you get this information corrected and will sue the debt collector on your behalf if they do not correct their credit reporting errors. Sometimes the inaccurate reporting is the result of fraud or identity theft. We are experienced in fixing these types of issues.